L E A G U E     O F F I C E R S

PRESIDENT:Bill PendergrassVICE PRESIDENT:Todd Eichman
463 Anacapa 8380 Edison Dr.
Ventura, Ca Ventura, Ca
652-1753 649-1900
SECRETARY: Jerry De Jesus / John Oliva SERGEANT OF ARMS:Dan Mueller
2317 Oak Haven Ave. 2361 Timberlane
Simi Valley, Ca Simi Valley, Ca
577-1545 656-0666

G E N E R A L    R U L E S     2005 - 2006

  1.  Total league season: 35 weeks, Beginning on September 7, 2005 and ending
      with a sweeper on May 3, 2006.
  2. The league starts practice at 6:20 PM and league play at 6:30 PM.

  3. This league will bowl two halves of seventeen weeks each, with the top two
     teams in each half advancing to the roll-off finals at the end of the year.
     If there is a tie, those teams will bowl a one game roll-off immediately after
     the last night of the half to break the tie. If there are more than two teams
     tied at the end of a half, there will be a one game stepladder roll-off with
     seedings determined by total pins. If teams are also tied in total pins then
     seedings will be determined by a coin flip. If one team finishes in the top two
     in both halves then the team with the next best record will advance to the
     rolloffs. If the same two teams finish first and second in both halves then
     the next two best records will advance to the rolloffs.  If teams are tied for
     a rolloff spot, follow the same format as the end of round tie breaker.

        First Half	 : September 7, 2005 to December 28, 2005.
        Second Half	 : January 4, 2006 to April 26, 2006.

  4. The teams in the rolloff will be seeded according to total wins If two teams
     are tied in total wins, the tie will be broken by the highest finish in the
     second round. On the weekend before the sweeper, there will be a Semi-Final 
     rolloff. 1st vs. 4th seed and 2nd vs. 3rd seed. The winners will meet
     during the sweeper for the league championship.  Matches are best three out of
     five points. If any match ends in a tie, the teams will bowl one more
     game to break the tie. Any subsequent ties will follow the same format.

     PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The Semi-Finals will be bowled on
                       Saturday April, 29th. (Time to be determined)
                       If any bowler can't make the roll-off, they may request a
                       meeting to determine if the times can be changed. It must be
                       a 100% unanimous vote to change to roll-off Date or Times.

  5. The sponsor fee is  $100.00. This is due within the first four weeks of the season.
     This money will be added to the total prize fund.

  6. The weekly fee is $26.00 per person or $104.00 per team. It is the team captains
     responsibility to see that the full amount is paid each week. Shortages will
     be deducted from team winnings at the end of the season.

  7. Any team that has shortages amounting to more than $52.00 will be subject to a
     league officers meeting and any actions taken will be up to the discretion of the
     league officers.
  8. The individual fee of $26.00 will be dispersed in the following manner :

            Lines:          $ 13.75
            Prize fund:     $ 11.75
            Secretary Fee   $  1.00
                            $ 26.00

  9. 2600.00 will be set aside for the following team cash awards:

	(a) League champions                $ 2000.00
	(b) Runner-up of the roll-off       $ 1600.00
	(c) Third place in roll-off         $ 1200.00
	(d) Fourth place in roll-off        $ 1000.00
	                                    $ 5800.00

 10. Team Average: Open league, No limit on team average.

 11.  Handicap: 90% of 230.

 12. The maximum individual handicap is 63.

 13. Individual entering averages:

      (a) 2005 BuenaVenturans league ending average.
      (b) Highest 2005 book average.
      (c) Highest 2004 book average.
      (d) Highest 2005 summer league average.
      (e) Highest 2003 book average.
      (f) If none of the above, The bowler uses 180 average for the first week only and
          uses true average after first week.

 14. For the first 8 games, handicaps will be based on entering averages. After 8 games, 
     handicaps will be based on current league average. (f) Establishes after the first
     four games.

 15. Roving substitutes are permitted in this league. On the final week of each half,
     A substitute must have a minimum number of games to be eligible to bowl. They
     must have 20 games in the first half,and 40 games in the second half.

 16. A team roster must have at least 4 members but can have as many as 6. A team roster
     can not be changed after the second position night of the second half(March 9, 2005).
 17. In the playoffs there are no substitutes allowed. Players must be from team rosters
     as stated in rule #18. There are no minimum game requirements for roster members. If
     4 roster members are not present for the playoff, a blind score must be used as
     stated in rule #22.

 18. Two bowlers must be present to start a game, and at least one of them must be a
     roster bowler or the game will be forfeited.

 19. Late bowlers may make up if they enter the game before the opponents anchor has
     bowled their first ball in the third frame.

 20. Blind score: Absent bowlers score minus 10 pins.

 21. A bowlers blind may be used only three weeks in succession. After that they must bowl
     at least four games before their blind can be used again.

 22. A bowler must pay their membership dues before they bowl their second night, or the
     team they are bowling for will forfeit all games.

 23. Abuse of the bowling equipment, such as kicking the ball returns, shall not be
     tolerated.  One warning shall be given to the bowler. If a second warning is given,
     the individual will be fined $75.00.  This fine must be paid by the next week of
     bowling. The bowler will not be allowed to bowl until the fine is paid.

 24. Any altercations between bowlers in the bowling establishment will result in a
     suspension from bowling for one week and a $25.00 fine for each bowler.  This fine
     must be paid by the next week of bowling. The bowler will not be allowed to bowl
     until the fine is paid.

 25. This league is a mixed league. 

 26. All other questions about the conduct of this league will be governed by
     the 2005-2006 ABC and WIBC rule books.

             MONEY BREAKDOWN FOR THE SEASON     2005 - 2006

        League fees per night                   =       26.00
        Minus lines                             -       13.75
        Minus Secretary Fee                     -        1.00
        Amount per bowler into prize fund       =       11.25
        Times the number of bowlers             X          48
        Total prize money per night             =      540.00
        Times the number of league weeks        X          34
        Total prize money for the year          =   18,360.00
        Team Sponsor Fees                       +    1,200.00
        Total prize fund                        =   19,560.00
        $6,550 per round  X 2                   -   13,100.00
                                                =    6,460.00
        Place money                             -    5,800.00
        Money left for sweeper                  =      660.00
        Last week prize fund                    +      540.00
        Seeper Prize Fund                       =     1200.00

        Roll Offs: 1st - 2000       First Half                     Second Half
                   2nd - 1600     ---------------                ---------------
                   3rd - 1200       1st -  1000                    1st -  1000
                   4th - 1000       2nd -   800                    2nd -   800		        		
                                    3rd -   700                    3rd -   700
                                    4th -   600                    4th -   600
                                    5th -   500                    5th -   500
                                    6th -   480                    6th -   480
                                    7th -   460                    7th -   460
                                    8th -   440                    8th -   440
                                    9th -   420                    9th -   420
                                   10th -   410                   10th -   410
                                   11th -   380                   11th -   380
                                   12th -   360                   12th -   360